Royal Wedding: Brits Don't Really Care Either Way

In a time of waning affection for political institutions of all types, the British public still love their monarch and much of her family. So you'd think we'd be bursting to break out the bunting for a new royal wedding, following the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement.

But you'd be wrong. According to a new YouGov/Times poll, the public really aren't much bothered about the royal couple either way.

While the vast majority of people, 81 percent, have a favorable view of Prince Harry, and 49 percent have a positive view of the much less well-known Markle (only 11 percent have a negative opinion, while 37 percent don't know), many respondents to the survey said they felt "indifferent" about the happy couple's news.

Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth
Britain's Queen Elizaberth II smiles as Prince Harry pulls a face as they watch Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall leave St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, April 9, 2005 Stringer/File Photo/Reuters

Some 52 percent said they didn't feel positively or negatively about the upcoming wedding, rising to 62 percent among men. Just 39 percent said that they were "pleased," while 4 percent were disappointed.

While the figures hardly suggest a surge in republicanism in the U.K., they do tell us something about the strength of the public's devotion to the Royal Family as it prepares to enter a potentially turbulent period.

In the coming years, the monarchy will need to manage a potentially tricky succession from Queen Elizabeth II, whose approval rating stands at 80 percent according to the same poll, to Prince Charles, about whom only 47 percent think positively.

If the marriage of one of the most popular royals isn't enough to excite the public, it could be a sign that depth of feeling about the royal family is weaker than we thought.