'I'll Be Back For Beijing': Elise Christie's Medal Hopes Dashed With Disqualification

Elise Christie has vowed to return for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing after her hopes of a medal in Pyeongchang were dashed when she was disqualified from the 1,000 meters short-track.

Christie, who was struggling with an ankle injury, finished second in the heats but was given a yellow card after judges deemed her to have committed an offense.

The 27-year-old damaged ligaments in her ankle during the 1,500 meters semi-final on Saturday (February 17) and was carried off the ice on a stretcher. She was clearly struggling with the injury.

"A few days ago, I didn't think I'd be getting on the ice. I did everything I could to turn this round. I've got ligament damage in my ankle. Putting a skate on with that is not the comfiest thing in the world," Christie told the BBC.

"The only reason they gave me the choice [to compete] is because it's the Olympics. The only worry is I could damage it more, and I may well have. I've just been kicked in it and fallen off the start. To me, that didn't matter. I've trained all my life for this, it's everything to me and it's done."

Elise Christie
Elise Christie at Gangneung Ice Arena, Gangneung, South Korea, February 20. Christie was disqualified from the 1,000 meters. Richard Heathcote/Getty

The Scot, who is a triple world champion, was disqualified in all three of her events at Sochi in 2014. Four years later, she fell in the 500 meters final and again in the 1,500 meters, and then was disqualified in her favorite event, the 1,000 meters.

But Christie insists she wants to continue to raise the profile of short-track speed skating, and says she will start again and prepare for the next Olympics in four years time.

"Right now, I'm a bit shell-shocked. I worked so hard to come back from this injury," she said. "I think a thousand people wouldn't have skated with my ankle the way it was. I can barely bend my knee. The only thing i can say is that I promise I will fight back from this, and I will come back from this. I will be back for Beijing and hopefully I can do Britain proud then."

She added: "I have so much belief in the programme and myself. None of that was my physical capability. It was just short-track."