Family of Briton Laura Plummer Jailed for Smuggling Painkillers Into Egypt 'Must Delay Visit'

The family of a British woman jailed for taking painkillers into Egypt have been advised to delay their visit to her. They say she is facing difficult conditions in the country's jails.

Laura Plummer, a shop assistant from Hull, was sentenced in a Boxing Day hearing to three years in an Egyptian jail after she was found with nearly 300 Tramadol pills on a trip to the country.

Her sister Jayne Sinclair told the Mailonline: "[The Foreign Office] told us not to book flights because they said she might be moved again and we'll be messed about like mum was. It was an absolute farce, what happened to her."

Sinclair was referring to their mother Roberta's ordeal, where she was repeatedly wrongly informed about her daughter's location, and travelled hundreds of miles back and forth trying to locate her.

Sinclair said that her sister is "distraught," and that she is "excited" for a family visit so they don't want to delay too long.

"We need to sort the flights out because mum told Laura we're coming and she's excited for that," she said.

Laura Plummer
Laura Plummer, a 33-year-old shop assistant from Hull, was sentenced to three years in prison in DEcember 2017, after she was found guilty of smugglings Tramadol into Egypt, a painkiller she said she did not know was illegal in the country. Family Handout

In the interview, Sinclair also detailed conditions in the facility where Plummer is being held in the resort town of Hurghada on the red sea while authorities wait for space to be freed in another prison.

She said that while her sister had a troubled relationship with some other inmates, they had established a better rapport now.

"She shares some of her food [which is brought to her from outside by the family] with them now," Sinclair said. "When she first got there, there was a lot of trouble, lots of stealing food, but now she's getting to know them a bit and getting along with them.

"They have to live off cheese and bread given once a day if no-one visits them—and I don't think it's very good stuff to be honest."

And she added that Plummer may end up with "heartbreak," if after she is released she is unable to return to Egypt to visit her boyfriend there.

"When she's back in England, I doubt my dad will ever let her go back to Egypt to see him,' she said.

"She would be devastated to not see him again—he's her first real boyfriend. I think there is some heartbreak for her at the end of all this."

Plummer was arrested at Hurghada International Airport on 9 October as she was carrying 290 Tramadol pills in her luggage. The painkillers are legal in the U.K. with a prescription, but are illegal in Egypt.

She said that she did not realise the tablets were illegal, and that they were for her Egyptian boyfriend Omar Caboo, who suffered from back pain.