Daughter of Italy's Boss of All Bosses Launches 'Uncle Totò' Online Shop After Mafioso's Death

The daughter and son-in-law of a late Italian mobster have launched an online shop under the name 'Uncle Totò' in memory of the man.

Salvatore 'Totò' Riina, known in the country as the "beast" and the "boss of all bosses" due to his ruthless running of Sicilian mafia syndicate Cosa Nostra between the 1970s and the 1990s, died on November 17 at the age of 87.

Maria Concetta Riina and her husband Antonino Ciavarello launched the website to sell coffee capsules and eventually olive oil. The pair explained on the website, which appears to be down at the time of writing, that they were collecting orders and funds before establishing the business, newspaper La Stampa reported.

"They seized everything from us without a reason," the couple explained, referring to the fact that Ciavarello's car part shops were seized in 2016, amid suspicions the enterprises were used to launder some of Riina's money.

The couple have often claimed they have been struggling financially since the arrest of Rina in the 1990s.

Last month, Ciavarello took to Facebook to ask for money, after claiming he had been struggling to find a job and earn money to feed his family.

His wife Lucia made headlines worldwide this summer after complaining that the Italian government had refused to give her a maternity grant. She failed to receive the so-called 'baby bonus', an allowance given to poor families in Italy.

Toto Riina
A picture taken on March 8, 1993 shows mafia boss Salvatore 'Totò' Riina during his trial at the high security prison Ucciardone in Palermo. Former 'boss of bosses' Toto Riina, one of the most feared Godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia, died early on November 17, 2017 after battling cancer, according to Italian media reports. Riina, 87, who had been serving 26 life sentences and is thought to have ordered more than 150 murders, had been in a coma and his family had been given permission by Italy's health ministry Thursday for a rare visit to say goodbye. ALESSANDRO FUCARINI/AFP/Getty Images

Riina, arguably the most feared and notorious mafia boss in Italy's history, was thought to have ordered more than 150 murders. He was serving 26 life sentences as the mastermind of a bloody war against the state, which resulted in high profile killings of prosecutors and law enforcement officers who were attempting to bring down Cosa Nostra, once the most powerful mafia group in Italy.

Killings ordered by the brutal crime boss include those of military police general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa and anti-mafia prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.

In 2014, Riina reportedly threatened to kill prosecuting magistrates who were investigating an alleged truce between Cosa Nostra and the Italian state in the 1990s.

He was buried in Corleone, near Palermo, on November 22.