Chip Off The Old Block: Pep Guardiola Gives 'Assistant' Son a Lesson in Scouting

Pep Guardiola treated himself to a pre-birthday trip to Field Mill on Tuesday night (January 16) to scout out Manchester City's opponents for the fourth round of the FA Cup—but it was the Spaniard handing out the gifts.

Sat alongside his son Marius, as guests of Mansfield Town chief executive Carolyn Radford, Guardiola gave his 15-year-old son a 90-minute lesson in scouting as Cardiff City beat the League Two side 4-1.

Guardiola, who turned 47 on Thursday, personally called Radford to request a space for the pair to sit. "Nobody believed us," Radford told Newsweek. "The call almost didn't come through to me.

"He called the football club and said he would be bringing him and his son Marius to the game. He said it was the first opportunity he got with a break in fixtures so he decided to do the legwork himself.

"I'm sure he's got so many scouts and assistants who could have done the job for him but he and his son sat there and they were the most lovely, down-to-earth people."

Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola, center, with son Marius, left, at Field Mill, Mansfield, England, January 16. Guardiola gave his son a lesson in scouting during the FA Cup third round match. Gareth Copley/Getty

Indeed, Guardiola may have plenty of assistants to do the job, but it seems he was taking the opportunity to begin his son in the family trade. The pair were greeted by Radford and her husband John, the Mansfield chairman, in the club's boardroom where Guardiola introduced Marius.

"He called his son his assistant," Radford said. "His son was making notes on the team sheet and writing down different points he made. He would say something about a player to his son, and his son would write it down and they would discuss it."

Guardiola asked Radford about how Mansfield, seventh in League Two, were faring this season, as well as the club's manager Steve Evans. "It just showed why he's at the top of the game," Radford said, "because he's not afraid to put the hours in and do his own research."

Having posed for photographs before the game, Guardiola and his son left before the final whistle, already certain of who City would be facing in the fourth round on January 28—and, with Marius' scouting, already aware of how to progress to the next round.